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Email open rates are about to skyrocket—and it's bad

Apple is releasing iOS15 soon and with it comes a whole host of exciting new privacy features. These will inhibit how Marketers are able to track a users behaviour.

A big yet subtle change is that Apple will be blocking how email opens being tracked.

Emails to an individual who uses iOS15's default email client will look like they have been opened, even when they are not. The iOS mail client holds about 43% of the market share and every one of those will look like an open. Open rates are about to skyrocket.

TL;DR: almost every email sent to an iOS15 device will look like it has been opened, even when it has not been.

I've found email marketing software to be typically slow to adapt to these kinds of changes. I expect some will but the more enterprise solutions to lag (slowly development cycles due to org size and app complexity).

Watch your open rates and don't get too excited when they go up.

There are a lot of other changes that are going to happen that will impact more savvy marketers. My friend Ellyse wrote a great overview article about it. You can read more below.

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