Beef Clouds with Middle Eastern Sauce

Inspired by Jamie Oliver and Alex on youtube, this is my fancied up, yet simple meatballs–soft like clouds–in a rich tomatoey middle eastern inspired sauce.

This will serve 4–6 depending on how hungry you are.

Prep 30m
Cook 45m
Total 45m
Makes 4


Beef Clouds


Breadcrumb Paste



  1. Start the clouds

    Blitz the crap out of the beef cloud ingredients in a blender until it looks like the inside of a sausage

  2. Rolln

    Roll into a number of balls (big or little, whatever floats your boat)

  3. Fry the clouds

    Fry clouds briefly in a little oil a few at a time until they are brown on the outside, still raw in the middle though - (Due to the breadcrumb content they may burn easily so don’t push them too hard or it’ll taste like a bbq sausage someone forgot about) - They are ok if they are raw inside still.

  4. Set aside

    Set aside your half cooked beef clouds on a plate


  1. Get saucy - fry onion

    Fry onion until soft. (probs min 5 mins. People tend to under cook onions). Add a tiny bit of water if they look like they will burn. I really don't like raw onion.

  2. Add garlic and cook for a min

  3. Add spices

    Grind cumin and corry and pepper (if it’s not) and add it now.

  4. Add Harrisa

    Once the spices are smelling add 2 tsp of Harrisa paste.

  5. Add zaatar

    Add 2 tsp of the zaatar last, you don’t want it to fry much at all.

  6. Hit the pan with the Woichy and Red Vinegar

    Go in fast with a good whack of woichester sauce and red wine vin. Probs a couple tbs of each. Let it cook down. You’ll know it’s done when the aggressive vinegar smell goes away and the liquid reduces

  7. Chickpeas - juice and all

    Once reduced throw in the chickpea can juice and all, stock cube and lentils (no juice). Stir

  8. Add passata and bring to the boil

    Add passata, rinse the jar and put a little bit of that jar water in too. Bring to the boil over medium heat

  9. Reduce heat and gently add the clouds

    Reduce heat if it’s out of control and add in clouds gently (they make break up if you are rough at this stage)

  10. Cook, add herbs

    Cook for 5 mins. Add some chopped parsley. Add another tsp of za’atar now too (this is the secret). Then cook for another 10m and we are done!

  11. Serve with Greek yog and cous cous

    Serve with a doulop of Greek yog over some cous, drink some wine and call it a day.

Serve with Greek yoghurt and cous cous. It is super hearty and yum.


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