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Hi, I'm Josh

I am a digital marketer, strategist, speak fluent data and I’m also a front-end developer. This isn’t a common combination. It’s kind of like Black Tea and Strawberry, a rare but excellent combo that should be more availible. I’m based in Newcastle, Australia.

I started this blog in response to a deal I made with a friend. He’d buy me a beer, I’d launch a blog. 7th January 2015 I did exactly that. This blog has been around for a while now. I write occasionally.

Having worked at a few companies, led a large(ish) team and spoken to a wide range of people and at the odd event, I feel that there tends to be a lack of depth in the understanding of digital marketing. People struggle how to answer the why behind what they are doing and consequently, digital activities often tend to feel disconnected from business outcomes.

Working with data and drawing insights out of it really excites me. I believe it is the critical missing piece in many organisations. I’m the kind of guy that watched ‘The Great Hack’ film about Cambridge Analytica and was more impressed by their data-driven marketing rather than horrified by their violation of people’s privacy.

I am a passionate person. I have a lot of fun with my work and have a pretty dry sense of humour. I want to share my passion by writing informative and entertaining articles. I hope you enjoy my articles as much as I do writing them.

Say hi to me on the twitter @joshwayman.

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